Loungeables Wedge Pillow with Cooling Gel Memory Foam



  • Multifunctional pillow for reclining and sleeping support
  • Cooling gel memory foam adapts to you
  • Antimicrobial washable cover
  • Zip cover is laundry-safe

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Meet your perfect bed companion. Whether you are looking for inclined sleep support at night or a mini work desk during the day, the Loungeables™ Wedge Pillow is ready to serve. Designed with cooling gel memory foam, it prevents heat build-up and relieves pressure points for relaxing cool comfort. With an antimicrobial washable cover, it’s easy to remove and clean. Simply drop it in the wash, and it will be ready for another night’s sleep. Grab the soft handle and take this wedge pillow with you whenever you need a little extra lift.

Designed for Multiple Positions & Uses

This wedge pillow is great for a variety of positions and uses including inclined sleep, reclined support, knee lift, or even with a lap desk. The cooling gel memory foam adapts to you and your curves, no matter your position, letting you sleep better supported and more restful. Use it under your legs or your neck depending on your support need. The soft zip cover with antimicrobial protection allows for a fresher feeling sleep, plus the cover is laundry-safe so you can wash as needed. Perfectly sized, this pillow can be easily packed for convenient portability. Renew your nightly sleep routine with the Loungeables Wedge Pillow.

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